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El Búho Nº 16
Revista Electrónica de la
Asociación Andaluza de Filosofía.
D. L: CA-834/97. - ISSN 1138-3569.
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Two decades ago I published a memorandum in which I tried to give an account
of how we lived in Spain from the time of the Civil War to the death of Franco coup.
In these Memoirs I will continue what I exposed there but with more openness. I'm
not saying that I should say everything, but, said in a simple way, I will try to let
go of the ties and in this way let go of everything that I have either silenced or
counted in very small circles. There is no special interest in narrating the
adventures of Javi, which is what my wife called me, friends call me and, above all,
my son and my grandson. I simply want to go back to the past and as much as
possible make it public. And do it with all possible frankness. Hence, friends or less
friends with names or surnames appear. No matter how many failures of our
memory and countless interpretations pile up, especially on account of a legion of
hermeneutics who do nothing but stun people from their own stupidity, the facts
are there, hard, as Lenin liked to say. In them and in my memories I will support
myself. Lou Andreas Salome wrote that she was just faithful to the memories. I am
not, of course, that distinguished lady, nor do I know if I am very interested in the
little that I have read about her. But I agree that digging into memory is an
exercise that demands tenacity, satisfaction and truthfulness. Without memory
there is no life. We are memory. Our identity, whatever it is, is woven from
memory. There are many types of memory and their study reveals a true brain
maze. Neurology, biology and psychology try to advance through this complicated
labyrinth. Travel, without a doubt, fascinating. For my part, and also following in
part to E. Kandel, my memory is inscribed in what is called explicit and long-term.
It seems that elephants have a huge memory because the brain region called
hippocampus is also huge. The hippocampus connects the emotions of the limbic
system and the neocortex, the most developed area of the brain. I will entrust
myself to the elephants, who enjoy a curious religion, so that my memories are as
close as possible to the events I will narrate.
Hace aproximadamente veinticinco años, quién iba a decirlo, escribí, como
dije, unas Memorias con el pedante título de “Dios y sus máscaras”. Más que hablar